‘If we teach only the findings and products of science—no matter how useful and inspiring they may be—without communicating its critical method, how can the average person possibly distinguish science from pseudoscience?’

CARL SAGAN (1934-1996)


Communicating the value of science is becoming increasingly important in today's society. It’s not about knowing a random number of scientific ‘facts’, it’s about understanding how science works. It’s about making observations to test ideas and reach the simplest explanation; it’s about using critical thinking in all walks of life. As a result I set up Intrepid Science to report my team's discoveries when they happen, where they happen. You can join the team virtually by subscribing to  one or more of the social media platforms we use.

Interviews and Articles

I regularly give interviews and write articles for newspapers and magazines. A small selection of these can be found below.

'My Feed: Chris Turney'  ABC Radio National Drive, 1 April 2016


'Rush for Antarctica'  BBC World, 5 January 2016


'Using Nature to help build a green economy'  The RSA, 4 August 2015


'DNA evidence proves climate change killed off prehistoric megafauna'  The Conversation, 24 July 2015


'Antarctic researchers struggling to fund 'small science' Wired, 11 April 2014


'Captain Scott's secret' History Today, February 2014


'This was no Antarctic pleasure cruise' Nature, 6 January 2014


'Antarctic expedition: 'This wasn't a tourist trip. It was all about science – and it 'was worth it.' The Observer, 4 January 2014





'$1.5 million Australian expedition to Antarctica' ABC, 25 November 2013


'Antarctic expedition to walk in Mawson's footsteps' ABC 24 News, 8 June 2013


'Antarctica: A Biography by David Day'  The Times Higher Education, 21 February 2013


'Historical Badass: Douglas Mawson, Antarctic Scientist and Explorer' Adventure Journal, 7 November 2012


'The New Victorians: The New David Livingstone' The Times, 5 December 2009


'Grievous heavenly harm' The Age, 27 June 2009 (reprinted in The Sydney Morning Herald 11 July)


'Fixing carbon - the natural way' The Chemical Engineer, March 2009


'Looking back from the future' Nature Reports Climate Change, 4 December 2008


'Learning from climates past' Nature, 8 May 2008


'A great leap forward' The New York Times, 29 February 2



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